As a Candidate for Regional Director I’ve enjoyed meeting islanders at many neighbourhood gatherings. Some concerns are unique to location however many similar concerns are shared across our islands, in every demographic. The top three issues I’ve heard concerns about are adequate, appropriate housing, rural emergency services availability and community engagement. I’ve been thinking a lot about these and what’s crystallized for me is how connected these issues are. Making progress in one area will have a ripple of positive effects in the others.

Thinking holistically about these issues reaffirms that when as a community we are discussing housing solutions, the benefits of these broad consultations connects to increased likelihood of sustainably-staffed emergency services & overnight ferry availability. My commitment is to thorough discussion of Island Issues through open-house community meetings and inviting ideas and solutions from attendees, as well as ‘digitally’ including islanders who prefer online engagement. I created this graphic to illustrate the circular, connected nature I see.

Housing, Rural Emergency Services and Community Engagement are all connected