Hello! I hope your summer has been stellar so far and continues in similar fashion. This report has updates on roadside parking, bylaw compliance and First Nations recognition, plus a reminder that applications for Advisory Planning Commission membership are currently open.

Advisory Planning Commission
Are you interested in land use and planning decisions in your community, interested enough to volunteer to join an Advisory Planning Commission (APC)? An APC provides community involvement in land use planning, and right now applications are open for positions on the commission.

Look in the mirror and around at your neighbours and friends: who is willing to practice effective communication while discussing the merits and long-term ramifications of planning applications? Visit srd.ca to read the APC guide and find the application form; September 6 is the deadline. This is a public process: applications for membership will be brought to the Board for consideration and a decision this fall.

I’m hoping for representation from diverse demographic, geographic, environmental & economic interests, and that committed islanders from all walks of life, age and location consider applying. Please share this email with someone if you think they may be interested in participating.