Greetings! I wrote this amidst the bluster of Easter weekend, and contemplated the necessary resilience of islanders and our strength as a community. I hope your holiday weekend had time for peaceful reflection and heartfelt connection.

Here’s some great news: there’s a new society on the island, and it’s a society dedicated to housing! The Discovery Islands Affordable Housing Society (DIAHS) has been established by Mandolin Hart. In November I called out for folks interested in talking about Housing and since then a group of folks keen to work on solutions has been meeting with Mandy and myself. Now there’s a community housing meeting planned, open to all. We want to discuss housing, the DIAHS, next steps, and build a community team. All interested are welcome: Saturday June 10 at the Quadra Community Centre, 3pm-5pm. Add it to your calendar, we hope to see you there!

driftwood on the beach

Outer Discovery Islands readers as well as those who love the Surge Narrows trail will be pleased to know that the Regional District has been directed to attempt to secure a License of Occupation for access and parking purposes at Hoskyn Channel Landing. The lack of parking has been a source of consternation for outer islanders particularly in the summer when the rather limited parking area is overflowing, and folks require access to unload supplies close to the wharf. This is one step closer to finding a solution.

Recently I attended the Quadra Island Cemetery Society AGM. Big thanks to this board of volunteers for their dedication. They shared a cost comparison chart and let me tell you, Quadra Island residents have the good fortune of an affordable final resting place. Did you know plots can be purchased and reserved in advance? (I just learned this). I was happy to see the society board collaborating and communicating with people from ‘Way To Go’ and folks interested in natural burials.

New: book a meeting with me. As Director I most often work from my small home office, which I enjoy. However, my kitchen isn’t necessarily an ideal meeting location… so I’ve rented an office/room in the Cove one day a week, above the library. If you’d like to meet with me, you can book a time and we can chat in person, or via a screen, whichever your preference. Visit if you’d like to reserve a meeting with me.

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As this report is published, I’m attending three days with local government colleagues at the Association of Vancouver Island and Coastal Communities AGM and convention in Nanaimo. This is a super opportunity for learning and idea sharing with electoral area directors, city councillors & mayors from Sooke to Bella Bella. I’m imagining a weekend infused with connection and inspiration.

If you’re curious about the latest happenings at the SRD Board there are several options for keeping up to date. Fresh agendas and all minutes are available at If watching the meetings is more your vibe, they’re all broadcast live on YouTube: Strathcona Regional District has a channel, look under the ‘Live’ tab for meetings; the ‘Videos’ tab has some fibre optic drop-in vids which also may be of interest.

You’re welcome to connect with me with questions or concerns: email, or call/ text 250.203.2468.

Until next time,
Respectfully and sincerely,
Robyn Mawhinney