Hello, happy spring! There’s news in this report about Port Neville, public consultation on covenant discharge applications, ‘official’ communication, and SRD strategic priorities.

Port Neville Wharf
Port Neville was one of the three wharves included in the Alternative Approval Process to create a Wharves Service in summer 2023. During the AAP, feedback from the community suggested Port Neville served a greater community than Electoral Area C and residents did not want to bear its ongoing costs. (The AAP did not secure elector assent).

In October 2023 the Board voted to investigate divestiture of the Port Neville wharf; in February staff reported that Tlowitsis Nation is interested in obtaining ownership. The Tlowitsis Nation’s website identifies lands directly upland of the Port Neville Wharf as potential Treaty Lands and says the Nation recently purchased a 60-acre property adjacent to the Port Neville Wharf.

The SRD Board and Tlowitsis Nation are now working on a Letter of Understanding, formalizing intentions on the transfer of ownership. Following completion of the Letter, a bylaw for transfer of ownership will be drafted — and the public will be formally notified and provided an opportunity to comment — prior to the Board contemplating adoption of the bylaw to authorize divestiture.

Also in February, the Board supported my motion to request an extension with Transport Canada for the funding agreement of the Port Neville, Owen Bay, and Surge Narrows wharves. This would relieve the immediate pressure of the November 2024 deadline for completion of the federally funded wharf works.

Community Consultation on Covenant Discharge Applications
As discussed in my last Report, there are two requests for covenant removal on Quadra Island. A public meeting date is set for April 22, 6pm at the Quadra Community Centre. The format is the two applications (Copper Bluffs and Kanish Bay) will be discussed one after the other at the same meeting.

The covenants were placed on the properties during their subdivision processes because “all available density was used at that time through density averaging”. I look forward to learning the thoughts of the neighbours and community. If you would like your views included in the public record and can’t make it to the April 22 meeting, please read the ‘Official’ Communication item below.

‘Official’ Communication
I welcome receiving emails with your thoughts. Please know that for your comments to be included in the public record of an application, they must be directly received by the SRD’s Planning department: their email address is planning@srd.ca. You’re welcome to send your ‘official’ email to me as well, my email is rmawhinney@srd.ca. Noting the application by name or bylaw number in your correspondence is important.

Strategic Priorities
It took until February 2024 to finalize the Strategic Priorities of the SRD Board for this term, hopefully the wait was worth it! Strategic Priorities identify the primary focuses of the Board and are used as a lens when considering initiatives.

The Board selected three high level themes: community well-being, climate resiliency, and good governance, plus a bonus topic of proactive advocacy. Within the three main themes the Board identified areas of focus which include: supporting housing affordability & diversity; supporting climate resiliency; considering transportation initiatives; proactively preparing communities to adapt & respond to emergency events & climate change impacts; building relationships with First Nations communities; and prioritizing governance which recognizes the region’s diversity and focuses on common interests.

Reports & Resources
Did you know that this website also provides links to Area C online resources? Including Official Community plans, Zoning Bylaw, the 2022 Housing Needs Assessment report and more.

You’re welcome to connect with me with questions or concerns: you can email rmawhinney@srd.ca or call 250.203.2468. If you’d like to chat in person, you can book a meeting at calendly.com/robynmawhinney.

Until next time,
Respectfully and sincerely,
Robyn Mawhinney