The countdown to Election Day is on! Saturday October 15 is General Voting Day
The top concerns I’ve heard from folks this campaign are Housing and Rural Emergency Services availability. Community Engagement is also a hot topic and indeed may be a defining difference in my campaign. These topics are connected, as you see in the graphic.
I’m sharing an explanation of my vision for engagement, I think its important.

  • An Advisory Council is a first step to community input;
  • engagement also thru focused Open House meetings & digital input:
  • this is possible within the existing regulatory framework of the Strathcona Regional District.
Housing, Rural Emergency Services and Community Engagement are all connected

An Advisory Council is intended to provide the Director with thoughtful opinions, not add a complex layer of work to our engaged community. Many islanders are busy in community volunteer organizations; great work is being done. I see the Director’s role to support and strengthen this work.

The Director is elected to take responsibility: I am unequivocally committed to doing the work, to taking responsibility, listening to the community and reflecting that at the Board level. I’m also committed to amplifying community-driven projects and advocating on important issues with other levels of government.

There is a responsibility for hearing the choir of Area C voices, the quietly concerned and the not-so-quiet; to listen to Quadra and also Maurelle, Sonora, Read, Rendezvous, Stuart, Raza, Refuge Cove, Bute Inlet, Loughborough Inlet and more.

Benefits of an Advisory Council

An Advisory Council is one step towards community input, I intend others as well. Discussing big topics like our future direction with Short Term Vacation Rentals, these conversations will be at Open House meetings with all community members invited in person or providing input by email.

Of course, when there is a significant rezoning or land development proposal all community members have an opportunity for input at a Public Hearing.

What are your thoughts on best practices for Regional Director community engagement? Click the ‘contact’ page and let me know. I’m interested to hear your thoughts.