It’s clear to island drivers, cyclists, walkers, runners & parents that our island is in need of some active transportation upgrades, which includes walking, cycling and rolling down the road.

With the frequency of ferry overloads more folks are choosing to walk or cycle to town if they’re able. However, there are a number of islanders who have expressed they don’t feel safe cycling or walking on our busy narrow roads.  Walking off the ferry and through QCove there’s a distinct lack of crosswalks: if we’re planning a walkable community core and encouraging infill and density in the Cove, infrastructure has to be a part of that.

Roads with dedicated space for human-powered transportation increases safety and as a result, uptake. Supporting Active Transportation is one of many ways the Regional District can significantly advance everyday community climate resilience.

I see Heriot Bay Road in particular need of Active Transportation upgrades. A safer, wider, marked human lane connecting bustling Heriot Bay with Rebecca Spit Provincial Park, the 150 We Wai Kai campsites, and beyond to the Cove seems a great place to start.

A safe, walkable, cycle-friendly community is important to many of us and an area of passion for me. As Regional Director, I’ll be strongly advocating for crosswalks, human-powered lanes across the island, and proper bicycle parking on the ferry.

Approaching conversations with a mind open to learning is the seed from which collaboration grows. My dedication to collaboration is strong: as I began my candidacy I met with We Wai Kai Chief and Council, Homalco First Nation Chief Darren Blaney and Tlowitsis First Nation councillor Thomas Smith. Collaboration and respectful communication are important skills I’ve been practicing for decades.

Advocacy is raising a voice in arenas outside the direct realm of the Regional Director. As such it seems disingenuous to promise ferry service improvements and bike lanes for all right out the gate. As Director, I’m a voice for the community, the voice of the community, and rest assured I’ll be pushing for progress with the managing authorities on the concerns islanders share with me. I’m listening, if you have questions or concerns, let’s connect.

This post was first published as a Candidate Column in the Bird’s Eye, a local weekly publication.